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Silver in the Spotlight - LYRA Interchangeable Earring System

TRANSITION BANGLE with Rivet Set Pearl  

Included in the Trendvision Jewelry Trendbook 2017 included The Transition Bangle in the in their latest issue! This category celebrates modernist, Scandinavian, minimalist and edgy jewelry in pastels, greys and whites.

CIRRUS Tahitian Pearl Post Earrings with Diamonds

Included in the Trendvision Jewellery Trendbook 2017 has included the CIRRUS earrings in their Pearl Breeze category. This category celebrates pearls that have rid themselves of their stodgy personals.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts and The House of Representatives

During an exciting event on Beacon Hill, Martha Seely was presented with this award.

Sylvia wearing her new  INSPIRO Pearl Necklace with Petite Pave Spiral    It is always fun to make jewelry for someone you know. And even more fun when they like what you create. " Got the earrings this morning...they are fabulous! "

Sylvia wearing her new INSPIRO Pearl Necklace with Petite Pave Spiral

It is always fun to make jewelry for someone you know. And even more fun when they like what you create. "Got the earrings this morning...they are fabulous!"

As seen in the MJSA Journal

NEBULA Open Spiral Pendant

"All of [Martha] Seely’s latest designs are modern interpretations of the Universe’s beauty — be it a galaxy or a peacock. Whatever part of the Universe you see when you look at the pendant, the clean and elegant design does it justice. 'The more I explore the natural wonders of our universe, the more discoveries I find there are to make,' she says."

JCK Magazine - July 2017

Not too excited about discovering that my Comet earrings were shown HUGE in the magazine! 

Antares 907.jpg

InStore Design Awards 2018



Antares Post oxidized sterling silver earrings from the Shooting Stars collection, each set with a 7mm blue moonstone with blue and gray diamonds and tiny sterling star set with a diamond,


Regina Sigman: Oxidized silver with diamonds and blue moonstones with the little star drop! OOOOH! I love earrings that need to be worn either right or left. These beauties are special.

Jennifer Gandia: A mash-up between the celestial and geometric trends that just works! These are bold and fun, and that little dangle will give just the right amount of movement when worn.

Ceres Earrings with aquamarines and diamonds

InDesign Awards 2017

(Colored Gemstone Jewelry Category


“The rough appearance of the aquamarines are beautifully balanced by the fluidity of the yellow gold and diamond earrings.” – Amanda Gizzi

“Very cool, love detail of the organic pavé. Great combination of organic and stylized elements.” – Tara Silberberg

“They look like mobiles that sparkle. The uncut stones are a great juxtaposition.” – Paul Schneider

“Extremely graceful earrings. These would move beautifully as you walk!” – Nadine McCarthy Kahane

“Cool from every angle -- love the length on these and the rough gem in the center. If it were faceted, it would totally have a different feel.” – Danielle Miele

MJSA - By Irina Missiuro

Letting Loose - Jewelers Share How They Unwind

Strike a Pose
Martha Seely, Martha Seely Design, Concord, Massachusetts - 

Martha Seely doesn’t have much time to unwind. “I always think I will be finished, with time to get ready for the holidays, two weeks before Christmas, but something always seems to come up last minute,” she says. Because she suffers from chronic back and hip pain, she makes sure to schedule regular massages. And when her stress levels go up, she visits her acupuncturist as well. But things are not as innocent as they seem; Seely says, “I confess that I really look forward to my nightly glass of wine!”

Shortly after the holiday season ends, she has to start getting ready for the first tradeshow of the year. Despite the lack of time, however, Seely makes sure to carve out some hours to go to the gym, which she visits three to four times a week. In addition, she might do some yoga, as well as clean her house and studio—anything to get the blood flowing. “Getting regular workouts and moving my body away from my bench and the computer really helps,” she says. Of course, having a clean house and studio doesn’t hurt either. The short-lived order makes her “feel great and ready to start the New Year.”